Sunday, October 14, 2018

I'm In Love, What's That Song?!

(oystered 57)

1. R.E.M. "The Flowers Of Guatemala" (Life's Rich Pageant, 1986)
2. ~false intro~
3. The Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait" (Pleased To Meet Me, 1987)
4. Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Songs From The Big Chair, 1985)
5. U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (The Joshua Tree, 1987)
6. Simple Minds "Alive & Kicking" (Once Upon A Time, 1985)
7. The Church "Under The Milky Way Tonight" (Starfish, 1988)
8. The Perfect Disaster "T.V. (Girl On Fire)" (Asylum Road, 1988)
9. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy "Angels" (Distressed Gentlefolk, 1986)
10. New Order "Love Vigilantes" (Low Life, 1985)
11. Modern English "I Melt With You" (I Melt With You, 1982)
12. Felt "Primitive Painters" (Ignite The Seven Cannons and Set Sail For The Sun, 1985)
13. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "If You Leave" (If You Leave, 1985)
14. INXS "This Time" (Listen Like Thieves, 1985)
15. Love And Rockets "Waiting For The Flood" (Earth Sun Moon, 1987)
16. Bruce Springsteen "Growin' Up" (Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J., 1973)
17. Talking Heads "And She Was" (Little Creatures, 1985)
18. Echo & The Bunnymen "All My Life" (Echo & The Bunnymen, 1987)

Inspired by an inspired lost found(!) weekend with old friends. Equal parts goosebumps, bedroom nostalgia, teenage lust, insecurities, school dances, talent shows...
Goin' wayback!

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