Tuesday, February 19, 2013

oystered 28

Quaristices by B. Neptune on Mixcloud

Inspired by the early release of the massive 4LP Exai, initially I thought Autechre were just trying to compete with Ricardo Villalobos for most audaciously long 'new full-length.' I decided it was time to pick up with Ae where I left off - back at 2008's confusing, daunting Quaristice and all its addendums: (Versions) and the four Quadrange EPs. So, this set takes you from Quaristice's beginning, "Altibzz" to its end, "Outh9x" and tacks on the japanese bonus track, "nu-Nr6d" as well as an extract from the hour-long fourth part of the Quadrange EPs, "Perlence Subrange 6-36," roughly 20 minutes from what I considered to be the most interesting stretch -- between the 19th and 38th minute. I've selected my favorite versions of songs in between, taking much more liberty particularly with the (Versions) and Quadrange, um, versions of "The Plc," in which I proceed to mix Quadrange's "The Plc Ccc" smack in the middle of either side of (Versions') "The PlclCpC." I manage something similar with "Perlence," using the intro to the original Quaristice track, subsequently mixing in "Perlence Range 3" from (Versions), followed by "Perlence Subrange 3" and "Perlence losid 2," both from Quadrange, resulting in another nearly 20 minute linear transformation of the original. It's funny, because, at the time, Quaristice seemed like a marked move away from their long, brain-scrambling programming, with most songs clocking in under the four-minute mark, yet they still chose to release (Versions) and the Quadrange EPs, giving the original tracks time to develop, and essentially ensuring this mix a classic sounding Ae release, albeit over two-and-a-half hours. Good luck!