Friday, November 25, 2016

Electric Campfires (1)

autumn 2016 (oystered 50)

David Holmes "Hey Lisa" (Bow Down To The Exit Sign, Go! Beat/2000)
Tortoise "Gamera" (Gamera/Cliff Dweller Society, Thrill Jockey/1995) ~ 4:39
Dif Juz "Soarn" (Vibrating Air, 4AD/1981) ~ 16:20
Boards Of Canada "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country" (In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country, Warp/2000) ~ 20:06
Gastr Del Sol "Mouth Canyon" (Camofleur, Drag City/1998) ~ 25:42
Mouse On Mars "Glim" (Cache Coeur Naif, Too Pure/1997) ~ 29:11
Hrvatski "Tegenborg [edit]" (Swarm & Dither, Planet Mu/2002) ~ 33:13
Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer "Maori Love Song" (Hidden Name, Cronica/2006) ~ 36:01
Seiichi Yamamoto "Mantral" (Crown Of Fuzzy Groove, P-Vine/Weather / 2002) ~ 37:43
Papa M "Up North Kids" (Live From A Shark Cage, Drag City/1999) ~ 45:29
Fibreforms "Corianna" (Treedrums [re/lux], Infraction/2013) ~ 50:34
Kammerflimmer Kollektief "Unstet Schleifen" (Remixed, Staubgold/2005) ~ 56:57
Stereolab "Retrograde Mirror Form" (The First Of The Microbe Hunters, Duophonic/Elektra / 2000) ~ 63:09
Deerhunter "Living My Life" (Fading Frontier, 4AD/2015) ~ 69:27

Meant to follow hot-on-the-heels of 2015's one-two 'Summer Mixes' punch, but, alas, life, delays... Player photo is a pic of November's Supermoon rising, the closest our moon has been since 1948, taken w/ outdated iTouch. Top photo November 2016 sunrise taken on same outdated iTouch, both using no filters and no enhancements.

Last track dedicated to a good friend who left the physical plane much too early. A real genuine person, whom I never thought in a million years I would never get to see again.

Laze it up...