Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank you, friends!

Here's an attempt to crawl into the 21st century and continue with the "monthly mix" compilations I was starting to roll out while still at/on(?) neptune. So here's the first one, and yes, you're reading this right, January 2006. And it's sequenced in an old-school "double LP" format. So, neptune R.I.P.; long live oystered. Enjoy!
neptunemix 014/oystered 01: Not quite where we left off (jan. '06)

a1. anvil salute vines through the window (gold leaf branches/digitalis)
a2. the wolfgang press complete and utter (the burden of mules/4AD)
a3. courtis insolación de soles aledaños (gold leaf branches/digitalis)
a4. loren connors in the night (sails/table of the elements),
b. sickoakes wedding rings & bullets in the same golden shrine (part ii) (seawards/type),
c1. cassy night to remember (my auntie/perlon)
c2. isolee lost (western store/playhouse)
c3. mikkel metal lurlun (victimizer/kompakt),
d1. town and country fields and parks of easy access (up above/thrill jockey)
d2. thomas strønen interacting massive particles (pohlitz/rune grammofon)
d3. chehei hatakeyama beside a well (minima moralia/kranky).