Saturday, May 18, 2013

oystered 36

Not on the original compilation, Reuber’s track is the CD bonus cut from 2001’s Ruhig Blut and Andrew Thomas’ “A Dream of a Spider” is from Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2009. Jasper Tx’s “So Now We’re Ghosts No More” on Kning Disk, is quite possibly the most effortless and effervescent he’s ever sounded. Machinefabriek’s epic “Zucht 1” is taken from the 2007 Root Strata compilation of the Slaap & Zucht self-released CDrs. Minamo’s “Hum” is spring audio bliss, taken from Colour & Pattern, on Mountains’ short lived Apestaartje label. Replacing Oren Ambarchi’s “Trailing Moss in Mystic Glow” is Rosy Parlane’s gorgeously understated “Iris Part 2,” while Akira Rabelais’ “Pleure De Le Voir Gai Comme un Oiseau Des Bois” prolongs the shimmery blues vibe. The set closes with an organic, billowy, and tranquil remix, of sorts, from Terre Thaemlitz -- surely one of his best.

Initially compiled October, 2008. Re-mixed and re-assembled April-May, 2013.