Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Replacements - Ashtray Floors, Dirty Clothes & Filthy Jokes (oystered 44)

0:00 Color Me Impressed
02:23 I Will Dare
05:38 Unsatisfied
09:35 Seen Your Video
12:40 Kiss Me On The Bus
15:29 Bastards Of Young
19:03 Left Of The Dial
22:43 Alex Chilton
25:53 Valentine
29:22 Can't Hardly Wait
32:22 Talent Show
35:48 We'll Inherit The Earth
39:56 Merry Go Round
43:29 All Shook Down

I know Kurt Cobain referenced the Vaselines and Pixies among others, but did he ever mention the Mats? Or would that have been to revealing?