Monday, August 3, 2009

Meth of a Rockette's Kick

oystered 24: The Nectarine No.9 – Soldiers of Love

Total running time 1:28:31.
1. The Port of Mars
2. Constellations of a Vanity
3. Firecrackers
4. I Love Total Destruction
5. 22 Blue
6. Peanut Brain
7. Susan Identifier
8. Fat Mafia
9. My Trapped Lightning
10. Leonards Foam Kremolacone
11. Walter Tevis
12. I Am the Sky
13. Don’t Worry Babe, You’re Not the Only One Awake
14. It’s Raining for Some Cloudy Reasons
15. Hanging Around (Oct.1903)
16. Unloaded for You
17. Fibrecane no. 4
18. I Am Stop Taking Pot Managed 35 to Take On the Cake Decoration Living Instead Sign Here……
19. These Days
20. Lazy Crystal
21. Frownland

I really wanted to get this one out a few months ago. Wanted this to be blarin’ from every boombox on burnout beach across the land. Any fan of classic Scottish pop bands like Orange Juice, Pastels and Teenage Fanclub or even U.S. underground luminaries as far ranging as Richard Hell, Television, Captain Beefheart and the Velvet Underground to more contemporary, ecstatic pop acts like Pixies, Pavement, Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, etc. should check this without further delay. Easily one of my favorite bands ever. I think if I were to ever get involved making music with people again, I would want it to be a cover band of strictly Nectarine No.9 songs. First, no one would even know you were playing covers, and second, everyone would think it’s the best shit ever. Now Davey Henderson fronts a new band called the Sexual Objects. Check out a few of their tunes here: Produced by the Boards of Canada?!? How’d that happen? The dude’s a genius.
Some history on Davey Henderson and The Nectarine No.9 via Epitonic and NME:

Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1993, the Nectarine No.9 are actually veterans of the surreal pop business. Revolving around guitarist and vocalist Davey Henderson, who was an ex-member of both the Fire Engines and Win. Alan Horne, founder of Postcard Records, took great interest in both bands and Henderson's newest venture was one of his first signings on reactivating the label. Joined by Simon Smeeton (guitar/keyboards), Ian Holford (drums) and John Thompson(bass), the band's debut album reinstated Henderson's love of abrasive pop and quirky rhythms, inhabiting a musical world that was part-T. Rex and part-Fall. However, it lacked the focus of Henderson's previous work and critical reaction was muted. Guitar Thieves, which collected various BBC Radio 1 sessions, included versions of Captain Beefheart's "Frownland" and the Velvet Underground's "Inside Of Your Heart", as well as an original song, "Pull My Daisy", the title of which was drawn from a movie featuring Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.
In 1997, the Nectarine No.9 backed former Clash associate Jock Scot on his spoken-word release, My Personal Culloden. The following year's Fried For Blue Material included their contribution to the Creeping Bent label's Singles Club, "Port Of Mars". In the new millennium, the band relocated to the Beggars Banquet Records label and released the excellent , yet experimental slab of cut-and-paste pop schizophrenia, Received, Transgressed & Transmitted. The album featured input from both Jock Scot and ex-Pop Group and Rip Rig And Panic member Gareth Sager. The band's second album release for Beggars Banquet, I Love Total Destruction appeared in early 2004. The Creeping Bent compilation released in 1999 is an effective reminder of Henderson's enduring presence on the margins of the UK music scene.