Sunday, July 9, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.8 (oystered 70)

(oystered 70)

A serene and succinct mix to close out 2021's year-end best-of series (8/8). This time featuring stellar cuts from Byron Westbrook, Celer, GAS, Ilyas Ahmed & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Matt Lajoie, Michel Banabila and Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer.

1. Ilyas Ahmed & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Mr. Sophistication" You Can See Your Own Way Out (Mexican Summer)
2. Michel Banabila "Cassette Loops" Echo Transformations (Knekelhuis) ~3'51"
3. Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer "Fermata" Proem (Dauw) ~06'38"
4. Celer "Her Name Was Tranquility" Sunspots (Oscarson) ~22'18"
5. GAS "Der Lange Marsch 8" Der Lange Marsch (Kompakt) ~26'54"
6. Matt Lajoie "Ra Data" Sun Language (Flower Room) ~33'48"
7. Byron Westbrook "Yellow Horizon Line" Distortion Hue (Hands In The Dark) ~38'18"


Saturday, July 8, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.7 (oystered 69)

(oystered 69)

Chill, concise, 2021 year-end best-of seventh mix (of eight) featuring Arovane, Bobby Lee, Brett Naucke, Growing, Marisa Anderson with William Tyler, and Thomas Fehlmann; closing with a Chain Reaction-style stunner from heretofore unknown artist, Sophia Lucie.

1. Space Afrika "Honest Labour" Honest Labour (Dais)
2. Marisa Anderson/ William Tyler "News About Heaven" Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey) ~3'45"
3. Growing "Down + Distance [b. neptune edit]" Diptych (Silver Current) ~7'30"
4. Brett Naucke "Vanity Well" Mirror Ensemble (American Dreams) ~20'23"
5. Thomas Fehlmann "Überschneidungen" Böser Herbst (Kompakt) ~23'35"
6. Bobby Lee "Enchanted Vista" Origin Myths (Thompkins Square) ~28'35"
7. Arovane "Eben" Reihen (12k) ~32'32"
8. Sophia Lucie "Song 5" Zero Space (29 Speedway) ~37'06"


Sunday, June 11, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.6 (oystered 68)

(oystered 68)

Sixth in a series of eight easily digestible playlists featuring favorite songs and artists from 2021.

1. Rose City Band "In The Rain" Earth Trip (Thrill Jockey)
2. Grouper "Kelso (Blue Sky)" Shade (Kranky) ~7'42"
3. MV & EE "Boo Woe (When It's All Gone)" Alpha Lyrae (Child Of Microtones) ~13'23"
4. One Eleven Heavy "Open Up The Watergate" Open Up The Watergate (self-released) ~20'01"
5. M. Sage with The Spinnaker Ensemble "Zephyr: Ponderosa Pollen" The Wind Of Things (Geographic North) ~22'37'
6. Alex Somers & Aska Matsumiya "Light Past Blue, Pt. 3" Light Past Blue (self-released) ~25'34"
7. Richard Skelton "Talus (.)" Talus (Aeolian Editions) ~29'25"
8. Hayden Pedigo "Letting Go" Letting Go (Mexican Summer) ~48'02"


Saturday, June 10, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.5 (oystered 67)

(oystered 67)

Fifth in a series of eight playlists showcasing favorite songs from 2021.

1. Skee Mask "Fourth" Pool (Ilian Tape)
2. KILN "Bvlb" Tungsten (Ghostly International) ~5'37"
3. Tirzah "Sink In" Colourgrade (Domino) ~10'07"
4. Gui Boratto "Wake Up" Total 21 (Kompakt) ~14'01"
5. Playback Head "First Sounds" First Sounds (Hotham Sound) ~20'22"
6. Sam Prekop "Spelling" Spelling (Longform Editions) ~25'46"
7. Damon & Naomi with Kurihara "Oceans In Between" A Sky Record (20|20|20) ~51'04"
8. Six Organs Of Admittance "Old Dawn" The Veiled Sea (Three Lobed) ~55'08"


Sunday, May 21, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.4 (oystered 66)

(oystered 66)

Fourth in a series of eight bite-size playlists featuring favorites from 2021.

1. The Green Kingdom "Another Sky" Empryean (Dronarivm)
2. Floatie "In The Night" Voyage Out (Exploding In Sound) ~6'01"
3. Jeff Tweedy "C'mon America" C'mon America b/w UR-60 Unsent (Sub Pop singles club v.6) ~10'20"
4. Eight Point Star "Sunshine Dog" Eight Point Star (vhf) ~13'11"
5. Mdou Moctar "Bismilahi Atagah" Afrique Victime (Matador) ~17'41"
6. STILL, Florence "Bae Tasanze [b. neptune edit]" Kikommando (Pan) ~23'00"
7. Pauline Anna Strom "Equatorial Sunrise" Angel Tears In Sunlight (Rvng Intl.) ~26'21"
8. Bitchin Bajas "We Travel The Spaceways" Switched On Ra (Drag City) ~32'24"
9. Sonic Boom "Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough (Remix)" Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough (Carpark) ~38'06"
10. Nala Sinephro "Space 1" Space 1.8 (Warp) ~45'54"
11. Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser "Tales From The Trash Stratum" Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Warp) ~49'55"


Sunday, May 7, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.3 (oystered 65)

(oystered 65)

Third in a series of eight hour-long (or less) mixes of year-end favorites from 2021.

1. Perila "Fallin' Into Space" How Much Time It Is Between You And Me? (Smalltown Supersound)
2. L'Rain "Blame Me" Fatigue (Mexican Summer) ~4'58"
3. Lost Girls "Real Life" Menneskekollektive (Smalltown Supersound) ~8'21"
4. Holiday Ghosts "Off Grid" North Street Air (FatCat) ~14'14"
5. Lids "Furniture" Furniture b/w Half Twin (Sub Pop) ~17'44"
6. Eli Keszler "Sunrise" Icons+ (LuckyMe) ~22'35"
7. Cassandra Jenkins "Michaelangelo" An Overview On Phenomenal Nature (Ba Da Bing!) ~25'25"
8. Teenage Fanclub "Home" Endless Arcade (Merge) ~28'49"
9. Steve Gunn "Other You" Other You (Matador) ~35'51"
10. Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt "Some Tennessee Jar" Made Out Of Sound (Palilalia) ~41'23"
11. Tonstartssbandht "Pass Away" Petunia (Mexican Summer) ~46'06"
12. Color Green "Redux" Color Green (self-released) ~53'49"


Saturday, May 6, 2023

neptune records' best of 2021 no.2 (oystered 64)

(oystered 64)

Second of eight album-length mixes featuring songs released in 2021.

1. Arab Strap "Just Enough" As Days Get Dark (Rock Action)
2. Dry Cleaning "Strong Feelings" New Long Leg (4AD) ~3:34
3. Low "Days Like These" Hey What (Sub Pop) ~7:31
4. Bill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy "The Wild Kindness" Blind Date Party (Drag City) ~12:39
5. Nightshift "Power Cut" Zoe (Trouble In Mind) ~16:08
6. Vanishing Twin "Wider Than Itself" Ookii Gekkou (Fire) ~23:00
7. Jeff Parker "Four Folks" Forfolks (International Anthem) ~26:06
8. Neicy Blues "Bones Become The Trees" Bones Become The Trees (Mexican Summer Looking Glass) ~33:37
9. Twenty One Pilots "Mulberry Street/ Bennie & The Jets" Takeover Tour Studio Version (Fueled By Ramen) ~38:04
10. Iceage "Shelter Song" Seek Shelter (Mexican Summer) ~42:53
11. Living Hour & Peel Dream Magazine "Double Bus" Double Bus (Kanine) ~48:20