Friday, November 26, 2021

Love Will Always Win (2)

(oystered 62)

1. Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples "TimeOfTheBaracudasWalksOnBy" Anthology of American Pop Music (Faitiche)
2. Andy Bell "Indica" The View From Halfway Down (Sonic Cathedral)
3. Andrew Chalk "The Soft Air" Incidental Music (Faraway Press)
4. MV & EE "Dancin' In The Street" Cap Trips (Child Of Microtones)
5. Autechre "TM1 open/ r cazt [b neptune mash]" PLUS > SIGN (Warp)
6. Pole "Fading" Fading (Mute)
7. Barry Walker Jr. "Up The Fan, Into The Keyhole" Shoulda Zenith (Holy Mountain)
8. Yo La Tengo "Wasn't Born To Follow" Sleepless Night (Matador)
9. Emily A. Sprague "Moon View" Hill, Flower, Fog (Rvng Intl.)
10. Working Men's Club "Angel [b neptune's radio edit]" Working Men's Club (Heavenly)
11. Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw "Festi" Fantasias For Violin and Guitar (MiDA)
12. Sonic Boom "I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) (feat. Dean & Britta)" I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper) (Self Released, Bandcamp)
13. Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers "Turkey Song" Heroin (Keplar)
14. Yui Onodera "Monochrome" Pop Ambient 2021 (Kompakt)
15. Fuxa "Photon" Southeast Of Saturn (Third Man)
16. Cleared "Bonded (Fennesz)" The Key (Touch)
17. Kassel Jaeger "Meith (Part 2)" Meith (Black Truffle)

Part two of a two part end-of-year roundup, featuring favorite cuts mostly from the fourth quarter of 2020, but also some overlooked or missed altogether jams from earlier in the year.

All songs released or reissued 2020. "Turkey Song" originally released 2001 (Brombron/ Staalplaat) and "Photon" 1994 (Mind Expansion).

Thank you for listening!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Love Wil Always Win (1)

(oystered 61)

1. Albert Ayler "New Ghosts (demo fragments) [b neptune fragment]" Holy Ghost, 2004 (Revenant)/ New Grass, 1969 (Impulse!)
2. Four Tet "Parallell 2" Parallel (Text)
3. Julie Byrne & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Love's Refrain" (Mexican Summer/ Looking Glass series)
4. William Basinski "Tear Vial" Lamentations (Temporary Residence)
5. KILN "Open Field" Astral Welder (Ghostly International)
6. Simon Scott "Apart B" Apart (12k)
7. Minamo "Superscience [b neptune edit]" Superscience (901 Editions)
8. Ryley Walker "Heavy Water/ I'd Rather Be Sleeping" Covers (self-released, bandcamp)
9. Matt Lajoie "A Flicker in the Void" Light Emerging (Trouble In Mind)
10. Kurt Vile "Dandelions" Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (Matador)
11. Ilyas Ahmed & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Ghosted" Torch Songs (self-released, bandcamp)
12. Peel Dream Magazine "Verfremdungseffekt" Agitprop Alterna (Slumberland)
13. Gregg Kowalsky "Three Sisters Spring" A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North (Geographic North)
14. Gunn-Truscinski Duo "Ocean City" Soundkeeper (Three Lobed)
15. Taylor Deupree "Canoe" Canoe (Longform Editions)

Part one of a two part end-of-year roundup, fearturing favorite cuts mostly from the fourth quarter of 2020, but also some overlooked or missed altogether jams from earlier in the year.

All songs released in 2020, except my edit of Albert Ayler's "New Ghosts (demo fragments)" featured in the 2004 issued Revenant label box set, Holy Ghost, originally peformed circa 1969.

Peace, love, strength, clarity, unity,

~b neptune

Friday, January 1, 2021

So Drunk In the August Sun

(oystered 60)

1. -intro Q3-
2. Yo La Tengo "James Gets Up and Watches Morning Birds With Abraham" We Have Amnesia Sometimes (Matador)
3. Eric Copeland "Motor" Dumb It Down (Post Present Medium)
4. Thurston Moore "Siren" By The Fire (The Daydream Library Series)
5. Pausal "Circadia" Melatonia (Past Inside The Present)
6. Koen Holtkamp "Insides" F Is For Flakes (Thrill Jockey)
7. Rosy Parlane "Awa" Touch: Isolation (Touch)
8. Mark Templeton "Named Experience" Ocean Front Property (Senufo Editions)
9. Richard Skelton "For Either Deadened Or Undeadened" These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound (Phantom Limb)
10. Growing "Tired Tubes Sigh Like Old Men" Humming Amps and Broken Strings Sing Vol. 1 (self-released)
11. Bill Callahan "Breakfast" Gold Record (Drag City)
12. Christopher Bissonnette "Suffering" Wayfinding (12k)
13. Tuluum Shimmering "Happiness Is Drumming 1" Flowers Of Daybreak (Tuluum Shimmering)
14. Sam Prekop "Wax Wing" Comma (Thrill Jockey)
15. Gregg Kowalsky "Sunstruck In the Shadows" (Mexican Summer Looking Glass)
16. This Valley Of Old Mountains "Lef" This Valley Of Old Mountains (12k)
17. Steve Kilbey "Queen Of Spades" Eleven Women (Foghorn)
18. Bellows "03" Undercurrents (Black Truffle)
19. Fennesz "Sunday Evening" En el fin del mundo, hasta el fin del mundo (EMA)
20. Ricardo Villalobos & Oren Ambarchi "Slow" Hubris Variation Parts 2 & 3 (self-released)

Q3 2020 mix. Listen -or ignore- at your own peril... I'm guessing you might just have the time-time!

All songs released in 2020, except -intro Q3- mashup.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Can't Feel At Home

(oystered 59)

1. His Name Is Alive "~intro~ 'Last One' (excerpt)" Stars On E.S.P. (4AD)
2. The Howling Hex "Words" Knuckleball Express (Fat Possum)
3. Psychic Ills "Never Learn Not To Love" Never Learn Not To Love/ Cease To Exist (Sacred Bones)
4. Sonic Boom "Just A Little Piece Of Me" All Things Being Equal (Carpark)
5. Sun Araw "78 Sutra" Rock Sutra (Sun Ark)
6. France Jobin "p" Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative (Editions Mego)
7. Brett Naucke & Ryley Walker "Vocoder Divorce" I Am Aware We Do Not Save One Another Very Often (self-released)
8. Kyle Bobby Dunn "Cescon (field version)" Selected Ambient Expansion Pack (self-released)
9. Tom James Scott "Hapax" Mine Is The Heron (Students Of Decay)
10. Marcus Fischer "Arctic 3" Arctic/ Antarctic (Luxus-Arctica Int'l)
11. Rafael Anton Irisarri "Vanishing Points" Peripeteia (Black Truffle)
12. CV & JAB "Stone Circle" Landscape Architecture (Editions Basilic)
13. Christopher Bissonnette "The Desire To Destroy Beauty" The Wine Dark Sea (Dronarivm)
14. Élodie "Heure Dorée" Le Nid d'Ivoire (La Scie Dorée)
15. Simon Scott "Fen(ce)" Migrations (Touch)
16. Federico Durand "Jardin de Musgo" Alba (12k)
17. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Door With No Sign" Door With No Sign (Mexican Summer Looking Glass)
18. Corey Fuller "Sanctuary (b neptune's 'radio edit')" Sanctuary (self-released)

Arcing like a siren's blat that suddenly softens, skimming on water; buoyant in dusk's dimming light.

2020 coronavirus quarantine mix Q2. All songs released or reissued in 2020, except track one, 1996, His Name Is Alive.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

So Far Away, From My Friends

(oystered 58)

1. ~intro~
2. Zelienople "America" Hold You Up (Miasmah)
3. Vladislav Delay "Raakile" Rakka (Cosmo Rhythmatic)
4. Beatrice Dillon "Workaround Four" Workaround (PAN)
5. Stephen J. Malkmus "The Greatest Own In Legal History" Traditional Techniques (Matador)
6. Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello "Transparent As A Hanging Glass" Slow Machines (12k)
7. Fabio Orsi "Vibra 02" Vibra (Fluid Audio)
8. Botany "Fourteen 45 Tails" Fourteen 45 Tails (Longform Editions)
9. Jan St. Werner feat. Mark E. Smith "VS Cancelled" Molocular Meditation (editions Mego)
10. Jeff Parker & The New Breed "Build A Nest (feat. Ruby Parker)" Suite For Max Brown (International Anthem)
11. Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki "Natsukodachi" Thanking You (Black Truffle)
12. Britton Powell "If Anything Is" If Anything Is (Catch Wave Ltd.)
13. Califone "By The Time Starlight Reaches Our Eyes [b. neptune edit]" Echo Mine (Jealous Butcher)
14. Six Organs Of Admittance "Two Forms Moving" Companion Rises (Drag City)
15. Matt LaJoie "Showers Over Birch Point" Everlasting Spring (Flower Room)
16. Richard Skelton "The Oracle Bone" The Oracle Bone (Aeolian)
17. Keith Fullerton Whitman "Broadcast's 'Echo's Answer'" Resonators (1) (self-released)

As worldly pleasures wave goodbye, music is and always has been an ideal vehicle for social seclusion; the perfect getaway tool. The unfortunate circumstance impacting all of us right now has provided me a little extra time to curate this rather wildly disparate set of restless isolationism and deep melancholy alongside more joyful tones, campfire pop and microdot escapism. Stay down.
[all songs Q1 2020 except ~intro~]

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I'm In Love, What's That Song?!

(oystered 57)

1. R.E.M. "The Flowers Of Guatemala" (Life's Rich Pageant, 1986)
2. ~false intro~
3. The Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait" (Pleased To Meet Me, 1987)
4. Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Songs From The Big Chair, 1985)
5. U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (The Joshua Tree, 1987)
6. Simple Minds "Alive & Kicking" (Once Upon A Time, 1985)
7. The Church "Under The Milky Way Tonight" (Starfish, 1988)
8. The Perfect Disaster "T.V. (Girl On Fire)" (Asylum Road, 1988)
9. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy "Angels" (Distressed Gentlefolk, 1986)
10. New Order "Love Vigilantes" (Low Life, 1985)
11. Modern English "I Melt With You" (I Melt With You, 1982)
12. Felt "Primitive Painters" (Ignite The Seven Cannons and Set Sail For The Sun, 1985)
13. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark "If You Leave" (If You Leave, 1985)
14. INXS "This Time" (Listen Like Thieves, 1985)
15. Love And Rockets "Waiting For The Flood" (Earth Sun Moon, 1987)
16. Bruce Springsteen "Growin' Up" (Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J., 1973)
17. Talking Heads "And She Was" (Little Creatures, 1985)
18. Echo & The Bunnymen "All My Life" (Echo & The Bunnymen, 1987)

Inspired by an inspired lost found(!) weekend with old friends. Equal parts goosebumps, bedroom nostalgia, teenage lust, insecurities, school dances, talent shows...
Goin' wayback!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Electric Campfires (4)

(oystered 56)

1. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri "Entre La Niebla" La Equidistancia (A Strangely Isolated Place)
2. Golden Retriever "Sunsight" Rotations (Thrill Jockey)
3. GAS "Narkopop 7" Narkopop (Kompakt)
4. Janek Schaefer "Falls From Favour" Glitter In My Tears (Room40)
5. Byron Westbrook "Ritual Geometry / Sympathetic Bodies" Body Consonance (Hands In The Dark)
6. Leyland 'The Caretaker' Kirby "Consolation/ I Still Feel As Though I Am Me [b. neptune mix]" We, So Tired Of All The Darkness In Our Lives/ Everywhere At The End Of Time (History Always Favours The Winners)
7. Stephan Mathieu "Gisèle" RADIANCE X: Her Dark Gaze Drowned In Light (Schwebung)
8. Monster Rally "Vaqueros De La Isla" Flowering Jungle (Gold Robot)
9. Jon Porras "Still Life" Tokonoma (Geographic North)
10. The Fun Years "A Decade of Weakness Pt II" Heroes Of The Second Story Walk-Up (Spring Break)
11. Island People "Vogelsang" Island People (Raster-Media)
12. Alexis Georgopoulos & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Lost Summer" Fragments Of A Season (Emotional Response)
13. Taylor Deupree "Aoka" Somi (12k)
14. Auburn Lull "Mora=Mirage" Hypha (Azure Vista)
15. Olli Aarni "Hehkuva Tuuli" Nielu (Florabelle)

Saving the best for last—maybe. The set opens with what was the inspiration and motivation behind all six year-end surveys—a collaboration between Leandro Fresco, from Argentina, known for his spacious pop-ambient style and Rafael Anton Irisarri, whose sound, more often than not, is altogether more suffocating—the impetus being, to create better versions of Kompakt’s own yearly Pop Ambient dispatches, which, I’d like to think, the three Electric Campfires from this year, does fairly well. And, to feature only one song per release/ artist combination, showcasing just how much great music is being released—the three Electric Campfires alone cover 47 songs from 45 different releases and 44 artist combinations.

From lesser knowns to ambient veterans, the mix concludes with a strong one-two (three-four) punch. First, a nostalgic and unlikely take from Alexis Georgopoulos and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, recalling some underrepresented sounds--still--from the mid-‘80s, followed by a Taylor Deupree trifecta—first, a track from his Somi album, then two mastering jobs, the first, a vulnerable, deliberate and devastatingly charming track from Auburn Lull (song of the year?); the second, a lengthy nod out from Fennoscandia’s Olli Aarni, appropriately pure and classic.