Saturday, March 27, 2010

Melt against yourself

  oystered 26 (may '07)

Total running time 4:22:58.
1. blues control migration (blues control CD/holy mountain) (7:23)
2. stella dreams (thomas/geiger mix) (please please please CD/kompakt) (8:03)
3. the sea and cake left on (everybody CD/thrill jockey) (4:56)
4. andrey kiritchenko untitled (edit) (mort aux vaches CD/staalplaat) (9:20)
5. jonquil sudden sun (lions CD/try harder) (4:02)
6. dj koze cicely (all the time 12"/philpot) (7:57)
7. minilogue urubamba (inca 12"/wir) (9:34)
8. andreas tilliander bonnarock (bonnarock 12"/repeatle) (6:09)
9. pjusk dempet (sart CD/12k) (3:19)
10. pommassl tandem distiller (wire tapper edit) (spare parts CD/raster-noton) (3:59)
11. wighnomy brothers my gloomy head (guppipeitsche 12"/freude am tanzen) (7:12)
12. gui boratto hera (the field mix) (chromophobia remixe part 1 12"/kompakt) (6:13)
13. grouper cover the windows and the walls (cover the windows and the walls LP/root strata) (5:45)
14. stephan bodzin vendett (liebe ist... CD/herzblut) (6:37)
15. vladislav delay he lived deeply (whistleblower CD/huume) (12:54)
16. thomas fehlmann dusted with powder (honigpumpe CD/kompakt) (5:42)
17. von sudenfed dear dead friends (tromatic reflexxions CD/domino) (4:44)
18. jack rose & glenn jones linden avenue stomp (dr. ragtime and his pals LP/tequila sunrise) (3:28)
19. eliane radigue realization/meditation (edit) (jetsun mila 2CD/lovely) (10:36)
20. alexander jodorowsky, ronald frangipane & don cherry tarot will teach you/burn your money (the holy mountain LP/abko) (8:45)
21. sleeparchive papercup (papercup 12"/sleeparchive) (8:56)
22. descension yellow swans descent B (descension yellow swans LP/three lobed recordings) (17:07)
23. boris with michio kurihara fuzzy reactor (rainbow CD/drag city) (3:44)
24. jakob olausson queen bee (moonlight farm LP/de stijl) (3:44)
25. kammerflimmer kollektief live at the cactus tree motel (jinx CD/staubgold) (4:16)
26. fennesz sakamoto abyss (cendre CD/touch) (5:39)
27. andrew pekler floating tone (edit) (cue CD/kranky) (11:43)
28. turner my aeroplane mania (lawrence rmx) (lowlights from the past and future CD/mule electronic) (6:33)
29. strategy windswept (interlude) (future rock CD/kranky) (2:15)
30. alog the learning curve (amateur CD/rune grammofon) (5:47)
31. efdemin bergwein (efdemin CD/dial) (7:47)
32. machinefabriek lief (weleer 2CD/lampse audiovisual) (20:07)
33. the north sea we conquered the golden age (exquisite idols CD/type) (11:13)
34. lichens vevor of agassou (omns CD/kranky) (4:57)
35. crescent before (little waves CD/fat cat) (5:28)
36. jurgen paape nord-west (nord nord-west 12"/kompakt) (7:18)

After months of laboring whether I should even continue posting, I finally made it through all the stuff I bought in May of 2007. Sometimes it seems kinda silly, but I love sharing music, and making compilations for people.
It's hard because I'm continually discovering and listening to new music as well as trying to listen to music that's nearly three years old, but still new to these ears. And what's three years really? The music itself sounds fresh as ever, it's just a mental hurdle of sorts.
Some of these artists with songs here have just recently released follow-ups to releases from this post (Jack Rose (RIP), Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Pjusk, Yellow Swans, Thomas Fehlmann, Andrew Pekler), some have long since released newer records (Fennesz, Vladislav Delay, Grouper, Blues Control), and surely, some of these releases are probably about to be reissued and/or remastered and repackaged sometime soon.
Whereas previous posts had more of a vinyl format track running order, I find this set ebbs and flows quite naturally in its entirety. And after not listening to some of these tracks since they first came out, a few like DJ Koze's "Cicely" and Andreas Tilliander's "Bonnarock" (both vinyl only cuts) sound particularly great. Others in heavy rotation since acquisition have been Turner's "My Aeroplane Mania (Lawrence rmx)," Von Sudenfed's (Mouse on Mars with Mark E. Smith) "Dear Dead Friends," Vladislav Delay's (the Miles Davis of electronic music btw - have I said that here before?) "He Lived Deeply," (see, it's even got a Davis-y title), Crescent's "Before," Thomas Fehlmann's "Dusted With Powder," Grouper's "Cover the Windows and the Walls" and Blues Control's "Migration."
It seemed only appropriate to end the set on an upbeat note, Jurgen Paape's "Nord-West," since I too, have migrated to Michigan's beautiful northwest coast. On to June 2007... Soon.