Saturday, January 18, 2014

oystered 37

This one’s been on hold for a while. Volume four in my digital nostalgia series kicks off with a scorcher from Andreas Tilliander’s Rechord project. Next is the achingly gorgeous swarm of "Close” from To Rococo Rot’s Robert Lippok. Reinhardt Voigt’s “Untitled” sounds like slow steam rising from continents pulling apart at the dawn of time. Tim Hecker’s slow burning last track from his Mirages long-player is arguably my favorite thing he’s ever done. “Fulmar” finds the underrated Swedish folk-minimalist trio of Tape collaborating with esteemed Japanese improv-droners, Minamo. Fennesz's organ contribution, "La Petite Chapelle - Morning" is one of his softest, gauziest and longest glides to date. Taylor Deupree’s “Skimming” almost rocks as hard as some mid-to-late-period Royal Trux—it's true!—while Rafael Toral’s “Mixed States Uncoded” bends light and sound like only Kevin Shields can.