Saturday, January 27, 2018

Electric Campfires (3)

(oystered 55)

1. Yui Onodera "Nine Chairs To The Moon" Pop Ambient 2018 (Kompakt)
2. Marcus Fischer "Murmurations/ Variation Seven [b. neptune mix]" Loss/ Film Variations (12k/ bandcamp, self released)
3. Sarah Davachi "For Piano" All My Circles Run (Students Of Decay)
4. Loren Connors "Oh, My Beloved" Evangeline (Recital)
5. Growing "No Trace" Disorder (Important)
6. The Inward Circles "Scaleby, I" Scaleby (Corbel Stone Press)
7. Konrad Sprenger "Opening" Stack Music (PAN)
8. Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi "Burrata" Hotel Record (Black Truffle)
9. Aquarelle "Open Absence (Parts 1 & 2) [b. neptune mix]" Leave Corners (Debacle)
10. Billy Gomberg "9:21" A Changed Meaning (Strange Rules)
11. Bellows "A2 Untitled" Sander (Latency)
12. Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann "Vesper" II (bandcamp, self-released)
13. Elodie "Le Temps d'Antan" Vieux Silence (Ideologic Organ)
14. William Basinski "A Shadow In Time [b. neptune edit]" A Shadow In Time (2062)
15. Roger Eno "Stasis Affected" This Floating World (Recital)

Part five of six, and second of three ambient-themed 2017 year-end surveys. Originally inspired by Kompakt’s yearly Pop Ambient compilations, this installment features more blissed out and ecstatic, glitched up, melancholic, pensive and reflective tracks from the likes of Marcus Fischer, Aquarelle, William Basinski, Oren Ambarchi with his partner Crys Cole, Richard Skelton and Andrew Chalk (as one half of Elodie) as well as Brian’s brother, Roger Eno, among many other notables.

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