Thursday, December 28, 2017

Electric Campfires (2)

(oystered 52)

1. Pausal "Soar" Avifaunal (Dronarivm)
2. Beast "Look Out" Volume Two (Pre-Echo Press)
3. Brian Eno "Reflection [b. neptune's Tuesday Afternoon redux]" Reflection (Warp)
4. Sugai Ken "Okera" Ukabazumorezu (Rvng Intl.)
5. Gregg Kowalsky "Tuned To Monochrome" L'Orange L'Orange (Mexican Summer)
6. Bitchin Bajas "Chokayo" Bajas Fresh (Drag City)
7. Ezekiel Honig "Fugue State, Pt. 2" A Passage Of Concrete (Anticipate)
8. Kassel Jaeger "Exposure Scale -- Clair de Lune" Aster (Editions Mego)
9. Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer "Lowlands" Lowlands (IIKKI)
10. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "HERMENEUTICS 17/ The Faun [b. neptune mix]" On The Echoing Green/ HERMENEUTICS (Mexican Summer)
11. Mark Templeton "Gentle Story (Parts 1 & 2) [b. neptune mix]" Gentle Heart (Graphical)
12. Federico Durand "Lluvia de Estrellas" La Nina Junco (12k)

Part two of six in 2017’s series of year-end surveys, this one (of three) a mix of blissed and melancholic ambient tracks from the likes of Pausal, Taylor Deupree with Marcus Fischer, Gregg Kowalsky and Koen Holtkamp (Mountains) under his new Beast guise, among many others. A meticulously pieced-together and abbreviated version of Brian Eno’s nearly hour-long piece, “Reflections” is also featured. Additionally, I took some liberties gluing Mark Templeton’s “Gentle Story” parts one and two together (I couldn’t decide on either one), and, as another curveball, mixing a track from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s On the Echoing Green’s bonus LP, HERMENEUTICS, with album standout, “The Faun.” Again, all released or reissued in 2017.

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