Friday, November 7, 2008

Summer's last sound

oystered 12: love stepping out (oct ’06)

Total running time: 2:51:21.
Side 1
1. arnold dreyblatt brushtones (atlantic waves 2006/the wire #273)
2. melchior productions ltd. different places (different places/perlon)
3. paul wirkus valore energetico (déformation professionnelle/staubgold)
Side 2
4. hervé ak taps of the claps (the closer/k2)
5. tape nötväcka (ström - pausfågeln remixad/container recordings)
6. sandy bull memphis, tn (still valentine's day 1969/water)
Side 3
7. stephan mathieu die sonne toent nach alter wiese (excerpt from a shortwave radio landscape) (eco e narciso/the wire #270)
8. grouper agate beach (wide/free porcupine society)
9. mokira storspov / fjäderreverb (ström - pausfågeln remixad/container recordings)
Side 4
10. stefano pilia the suncrows fall and tree (part 1) (the suncrows fall and tree/sedimental)
11. andrea belfi footprints (between neck & stomach/häpna)
Side 5
12. rhythm & sound see mi version (basic reshape) (see mi yah (remixes)/burial mix)
13. mouse on mars skik (varcharz/ipecac)
14. robert lippok unexpected behavior no. 7 (robot/western vinyl)
Side 6
15. roman flügel presents soylent green after all (la forza del destino/playhouse)
16. herbert down (scale/studio !k7)
17. the rice twins for dan (reach for the flute/k2)
Side 7
18. oren ambarchi happy ending (atlantic waves 2006/the wire #273)
19. dj koze snauzi peitsch (stompin at the clubfoot/kompakt)
20. jan jelinek happening tone (tierbeobachtungen/~scape)
Side 8
21. minamo a herdsman’s life (a herdsman’s life/esquilo records)

Vinyl only exclusives this time around include Melchior Productions Ltd.’s dark and minimal "Different Places," courtesy the always reliable Perlon label, Hervé Ak’s "Taps of the Claps" along with the serene "For Dan" from The Rice Twins, both from Kompakt’s vinyl only (thus far) K2 offshoot label, and DJ Koze’s dancefloor/housefloor friendly "Snauzi Peitsch" from the Kompakt label proper.
But of even greater note, perhaps, on this playlist, is the abundance of rare or limited or hard to get tracks (although more and more, probably not so much the case): Tape and Mokira contribute tracks to a Swedish only compilation CD, Ström - Pausfågeln Remixad, based on different bird songs, Arnold Dreyblatt and Oren Ambarchi contribute to a Wire Magazine subscriber only special CD focusing on 2006’s Atlantic Waves festival, Stephan Mathieu contributes to a different Wire Magazine subscriber only special CD from earlier in the year (previously overlooked by moi’), and lastly, Japanese acoustic-electronic supergroup, Minamo, release a super-limited CD-r entitled, "A Herdsman’s Life," which you can stream here in it’s entirety.
Which isn’t to say that all the aforementioned tracks wouldn’t be just as great had they not had this exclusivity tag to them. As well as all the cuts I haven’t mentioned. These playlists, to me, include the best tracks from the best records released in said month, or whatever. It feels good to be back after a nearly five month hiatus. Just let it flow…

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