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See sons bring some more out tomb we enter

oystered 13: happy hunting ground (nov '06: part 1)

Total running time: 1:39:04.
a1. jodi cave untitled (blueprints/12k)
a2. minit winged life (jukebox buddha/staubgold)
a3. å something a long time ago. and there are no buttons, either, because (å/die schachtel zeit)
a4. a taste of ra radhe-shyam in bliss land (a taste of ra ii/häpna)
b1. rosy parlane part one (jessamine/touch)
b2. geir jenssen jobo rabzang: a 6666 metre peak in the cho oyu himal (cho oyu 8201m: field recordings from tibet/ash international)
b3. sunnO))) bp//simple (jukebox buddha/staubgold)
b4. svarte greiner the dining table (knive/type)
c1. christmas decorations tottering throne (blueprints/12k)
c2. xela briefly seen (dead sea/type)
c3. in the country torch – fishing (losing stones, collecting bones/rune grammofon)
c4. leo abrahams water’s edge (blueprints/12k)
d1. astral social club untitled #1 (astral social club/vhf)
d2. axolotl astral light (telesma/spooky action)
d3. huntsville melon (for the middle class/rune grammofon)
d4. seaworthy map in hand pt. 4 (epilogue) (blueprints/12k)

Part one of this two-part mix representing November 2006 focuses on ambient, drone-pop, acoustic doom, post-rock and more ecstatic, extended ‘bliss-out’ tracks, most with a hint of melancholy in them. Personal favorites include the opener from Jodi Cave, an artist whose music has been released on the always top-notch 12k label out of upstate New York. Unknown Italian post-rock outfit, Å, surprise with a lengthy track that starts off somewhat aggressively before switching gears – and moods – halfway through metamorphosing into something quite delicate and beautiful. New Zealand musician Rosy Parlane continues to stun with his effervescently ecstatic, extended forms with a track from his second full length for Touch, Jessamine. And perennial favorite, Neil Campbell, most famous for his Vibracathedral Orchestra band of misfits, now solo as Astral Social Club, compiles and remixes a bunch of limited edition, CD-R only cuts for official release on VHF. His track here shimmers bright, and at eight or so minutes, finishes all too briefly.
Overall, two tracks come courtesy the Norwegian label, Rune Grammofon and two more from the UK imprint, Type, while four tracks are featured from the aformentioned 12k – three of which originate from the stellar Blueprints compilation. Two cuts feature from Staubgold’s Buddha Machine remix CD, Jukebox Buddha, which overall was kind of disappointing – or not – depending on how heavy expectations factor into the equation, with Minit, one of my favorite duos, included here along with ‘doom metal’ progenitors, SunnO))), a group I would never expect to show up on a blog of mine. Bon appetito!

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