Saturday, November 29, 2008

Continents under clouds

oystered 15: gone to earth (dec. '06)

Total running time: 1:32:39.
1. m. rosner morning tones (morning tones/apestaartje)
2. echo club señor pasajero (welcome to echo club/kompakt)
3. marsen jules la nostalgie habite (pop ambient 2007/kompakt)
4. david swain media monkey (istvan zsolt’s plane ticket/gore infidel)
5. nicola ratti nuev (prontuario per giovani fogile/megaplomb)
6. deadbeat one.two.three.infinity (version immersion/~scape)
7. thomas fehlmann dusted (emo pak/kompakt)
8. to rococo rot gelb (taken from vinyl/staubgold)
9. andrew thomas i am here where are you (pop ambient 2007/kompakt)
10. ricardo villalobos gugga sempa (what’s wrong my friends?/perlon)
11. thomas brinkmann die schiefe ebene_inclined plane (klick revolution/max.ernst)
12. klimek ruined in a day (buenos aires) (pop ambient 2007/kompakt)
13. kilo …to the edge of the adriatic sea (kilo/onitor)
14. markus guentner altocomulus opacus (pop ambient 2007/kompakt)
Whew, finally! That only took two extra years to complete. Well, that’s not entirely accurate either – three more 2006 addendums to follow: one experimental or ambient-electronic in nature, one more straight up techno/deep-house mix, and lastly, an indie/avant-rock post.
Vinyl only cuts this time include Echo Club’s (that’s Jörg “The Modernist/Triola” Burger and Reinhard Voigt) “Señor Pasajero,” Deadbeat’s “One.Two.Three.Infinity,” Thomas Fehlmann’s “Dusted” (a version appeared later on his Honigpumpe full length), and Villalobos’ “Gugga Sempa,” available only on a Perlon double 12” release.
M. Rosner, a fairly unknown artist who has recorded for Australia’s Room40 label, opens proceedings with the aptly titled, “Morning Tones.” We quickly shift gears to the tourist-techno of Echo Club while Marsen Jules follows with his gorgeous and singular ambient-electronic style; one of four tracks culled from Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2007 compilation. I know nothing about David Swain – this was one of the few redeeming cuts from The Wire magazine’s “Tapper 16” - while up-and-coming on the experimental Italian scene, Nicola Ratti’s “Nuev” calls to mind Papa M or other notable Chicago, post-rock artists. Again, shifting gears completely is Deadbeat, with “One.Two.Three.Infinity,” a floor-filler for sure followed by Thomas Fehlmann’s more dubbed-out, tight and funky “Dusted.” Appearing both on Pop Ambient 2007 and the only full-length release on Kompakt’s MP3 sub-label is New Zealand based Andrew Thomas with the patient, slow-motion “I Am Here Where Are You.” Ricardo Villalobos finishes the year in relentless fashion, following his epic “Fizheuer Zieheuer” with four more long tracks for Perlon, available only as a double 12” vinyl release. Thomas Brinkmann, who flirts from minimal techno to more abstract avant-garde electronics, combines the two styles here with the strange yet compelling “Die Scheife Ebene_Inclined Plane,” a cut from his Klick Revolution concept full-length about pinball machines. The overlooked, obscure, German based duo, Kilo present a real blissed out cut from their self-titled second Onitor full-length, landing somewhere between Jan Jelinek’s more recent textural output as well as including elements of his disco-techno alter ego, Farben. Markus Guentner, famous for his very Gas-like inspired full-lengths for Kompakt, finishes the set with yet another jewel in the Pop Ambient canon.
Keep checking this page for some special “primer”-style mixes before the 2007 monthly compilations start back up. There should be some hard-to-find, vinyl only, and/or all but forgotten tracks included. Tip!

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detroitbitter said...

Well done Hogan. I have many songs to catch up on, which comes in handy as the evil fog wafts off the ocean. It's like Copenhagen without the freeze.