Friday, November 21, 2008


oystered 14: trance ending (nov. ’06: part 2)

Total running time: 1:38:56.
1. komet untitled ( 030/
2. rechord untitled ( 030/
3. bulgur brothers igloo mania (smoothie man/sunset diskos)
4. anders ilar sand (in your eyes) (nightwidth/narita)
5. geoff white opposing platforms (nevertheless/background)
6. lithops harpoon point (mound magnet/thrill jockey)
7. jeff samuel i think they are trying to say something (step/trapez)
8. ricardo villalobos fizheuer zieheuer (fizheuer zieheuer/playhouse)
9. robag wruhme hamburg 03.07.06 (papp-tonikk/musik krause)
10. geiger good evening (supermayer remix) (immer 2/kompakt)
11. ada maps (mayer/thomas rmx) (immer 2: bonus compilation/kompakt)

The tech-no side of this two part post featuring tracks released in November 2006. The first two cuts are from a very limited, 12" only compilation from Netherlands’ based, Bulgur Brothers is a Swedish techno supergroup featuring Andreas Tilliander (Rechord, Mokira, Lowfour), Johan Skugge and Mikael Stavostrand (Mitek, Vita). Anders Ilar continues his reign in the ’06 with this alternate version of "Sand," which originally appeared on a Narita 12" earlier in the year. Geoff White (Aeroc, Ghostly International, Force Inc.) completely surprises with an impeccable full-length from the always underrated (and now defunct?) Background-Records. Lithops is none other than Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner, here with a typically abstract cut. Jeff Samuel also released a stellar, surprising full-length, like Geoff White, for the Trapez label, and "I Think They Are Trying To Say Something" is about as uplifting as anything I can remember. Possibly the best minimal techno producer of these times (2000 - ?), Ricardo Villalobos’ "Fizheuer Zieheuer" is here in all its 37 minute glory. Robag Wruhme’s ambient "Hamburg 03.07.06" is also a vinyl only cut, and the perfect comedown for Villalobos’ lengthy workout. The last two tracks come from Michael Mayer’s "Immer 2" mix CD on Kompakt. The first of which, from Geiger, combines a twisted vocal with more sedate and comforting melodies, while Ada’s remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s "Maps" gets remixed by Mayer himself and sometimes collaborator, Tobias Thomas. A truly uplifting song as well. Rock it!


jesse said...

hey man. haven't heard from you. how are things?

new fennesz is pee my pants phenomenal....(i think this is what i wanted when venice came out)....(might have to buy the cd/lp combo)

so is the new jacob kirkegaard.....which kind of messes with your head/ears like that one maryanne amacher cd - sound characters......not sure if you heard that....

been listening to a lot of drone stuff again...pulled out a bunch of stuff that i actually own like hurdy gurdy and radio amor.

on the 80's's been japan and early simple minds- empire and dance from 1980 especially......which to me sounds like the perfect combo of roxy music/new order/bunnymen......or maybe if joy division had turned into new order with ian curtis.......which i guess would mean they would have been called....same order?

on another tip...turns out primal scream are fleetwood mac fans too as they cover a so-so song from the pretty great mac album tusk on their new one which also has linda thompson guest vocaling on ..which i picked up on a tie before between the thompsons/fairport and mac...(all on my own)....which the original is better and which the new scream is also not that good..sounding like it was recorded between american apparel and urban outfitters with a bunch of indie pop fags (and it was)....though it has a cool cover.

otherwise...looking for work.....and doing a lot of in a nice space now with some cool people...still in oak park too.

i changed my number because i didn't want to be giving it out to girls with 666 in that i write this... girls are evil so maybe i would have better luck...superstitious....yes..... the new number is 248-506-3408.

miss ya man. let me know when you want to meet up at the library with some cheese....or... by the cheese with some socks.


ps. thanks for jeff samuel on the new mix and those rarities...i'll have to start burning these mixes for the road. ...also....tried emailing this but it didn't work...i have

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