Saturday, March 30, 2013

oystered 33

Initially conceived October, 2008, for Sebastian Meissner, upon witnessing a live performance at Cranbrook’s Art Museum, a year before the release of Movies is Magic (Anticipate, 2009).

Whatever happened to the promise of Christmas Decorations’ two tracks for 12k’s Blueprints compilation?! Anyway, Pita’s “Retour” has been replaced by “CE3” -- an early favorite -- could it even be described as ‘pretty’?! Initially only available on a split 12” with Kevin Drumm (BOXmedia, 2001), later tacked on to the Get Out CD reissue (EMego, 2008). And Andrew Thomas’ “Hushhh (remix)” has been replaced by Philip Jeck’s “Spirits Up.”

I have fond memories of being asked to DJ a Detroit fashion show and I had Jeck’s “Spirits Up” cranking right before the girls took the runway. Drama. Anticipation. Tension. Thanks Amy!

Re-mixed and re-assembled March, 2013.

First in a series of ambient jamz sets.

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