Friday, March 8, 2013

oystered 31

John Cale "New York in the 1960s" by B. Neptune on Mixcloud

John Cale’s musical legacy stretches back before The Velvet Underground, to the early 1960s, jamming all night flights with early minimalism guru La Monte Young alongside Tony Conrad, Marian Zazeela and as well as original VU drummer, Angus Maclise.
Featuring my favorites from the triple disc set, New York in the 1960s. I’ve taken the liberty to edit lead track, “Sun Blindness Music,” to a mere 5:41 – consider it a “radio” edit that would’ve fit perfectly on a 7” single from back in the day. From there, I’ve mixed in just the ending of “Big Apple Express,” in which a member of the NYFD, downstairs from Cale’s studio, simply can’t take the ‘noise’ any longer and goes off -- “not another peep!” What follows is an hour of intense, droning minimalism, textures and tones to get lost in, whereas “Terry’s Cha Cha” is a welcome reprieve. Quite beautiful stuff just given the chance.
Originally compiled July 2008.

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