Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Froze to the bone in my igloo home

Great mix featuring some 12” only cuts (Shane Berry, Marek Bois aka Dapayk of Dapayk and Padberg fame and Italian duo, Giorgio Gigli) up next to some more abstract electronic tracks (check Twine’s mind melting, Autechre-like “Gliding In On” and Sébastian Roux’s “The Guitar and Drums Song” – listen to that enough times and it actually does start to sound like a song, trust me) including the epic, smoldering “Hundred Acre” by New York duo, Mountains. For the third time (out of four), Bird Show makes an appearance (Town and Country’s Ben Vida’s Lightning Ghost was one of my favorite albums of 2006 – still sounds great), and Mikkel Metal makes his second appearance with another smoked-out dub joint. Shoegazers and new-gazers check Belong’s “October Language” and Guitar’s “Sakura Coming.” Other surprises as well, including the understated Lawrence track opening the set, and Andreas Tilliander’s Mokira project closing the set with a beautifully blissed out cut with a great title as well. Most of you should know what I’m talking about. Peace!

oystered 04: Counting the days ‘til the ice turns green (feb ’06)

+ denotes bonus track
a1. lawrence wasting a fall (idol tryouts/ghostly international)
a2. shane berry fillertet 2 (fillertet 2/trapez ltd.)
a3. twine gliding in on (idol tryouts/ghostly international)
b1. sébastien roux the guitar and drums song (songs/12k)
b2. mountains hundred acre (sewn/apestaartje)
b3. greg davis amaranthine (idol tryouts/ghostly international)
c1. belong october language (ocotber language/carpark)
c2. marek bois boisboisbois (boisboisbois/trapez)
c3. sophie rimheden the real way (mitek version) + (do you copy?/mitek)
c4. bird show sleepers keep sleeping (lightning ghost/kranky)
d1. guitar sakura coming (tokyo/onitor)
d2. giorgio gigli i can’t breathe (lee van dowski remix) (rarified atmosphere/dumb-unit)
d3. mikkel metal famil (do you copy?/mitek)
d4. mokira the bum that will bring us together (do you copy?/mitek)

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matthew said...

thanks chet. loving the mikkel metal and gigli tracks.