Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blustery day on the wind farm

As always, meticulously sequenced and painstakingly chosen tracks including more 12” only vinyl cuts (Alex Under, The Orb, Giorgio Gigli (yet again!), Portable, Kiln (?)) in among the usual fare of highly-enjoyable weirdness. Some real rarities including a tranquil slice of spring morning (or am I wishing that?) from Greg Davis’ contribution to Room40’s label compilation for The Wire magazine; a short, spring-like (is that just me again?) acoustic meditation from James Blackshaw and a smoldering ‘Main meets Ambarchi’ cut from one of my ‘new’ favorites, Gregg Kowalski. Oh, and the stuff I didn’t mention is pretty great too. All pretty accessible and existing at one of two poles: ethereal, drone work or rolling techno that’s either slightly euphoric or perfect for dimly lit spaces. Who would really know this stuff was two years old? Who cares?! Sorry for the time-lag between posts. I’m always attempting to get the next one up quicker. Thank you everyone leaving comments, I’m still trying to figure out how to reply back. Get down and double check!

oystered 05: On the pine (mar ’06)

+ denotes bonus track
a1. alex under el encuentro (collage/plus 8)
a2. alog dog dive (catch that totem!/melektronikk)
a3. the orb god less america/gorgeous + (speicher 33/kompakt extra)
b1. greg davis swell (brisbane reversion) (an evening at room40 / room40/the wire)
b2. giorgio gigli circle (geometrik forms/elettronica romana)
b3. kaito natural source (hundred million light years/kompakt)
c1. james blackshaw skylark herald’s dawn (sunshrine/digitalis)
c2. portable diorama (the san/scape)
c3. ekkehard ehlers nie wieder schnell sagen (a life without fear/staubgold)
c4. coh dancing in silence (above air/eskaton)
d1. gregg kowalsky long distance decade (through the cardial window/kranky)
d2. uusitalo misut irti/huutaa (tulenkantaja/huume)
d3. kiln spheresong improvisational (twinewheel: lost sides and dusty-gems 1994-2005/division sound)


goiks said...

impeccable. made my day, thanks.

Traffic and Weather said...

There is nothing I love more than pulling up Oystered and letting it play. It makes work/travel/work so much better. It is just like guest hosting all over again. Keep them coming Hogan.