Sunday, April 14, 2013

oystered 35

Envisioned as a double LP re-sequenced and reissued with bonus 7” of cover versions.

By no means does this mix suggest I would be in favor of some label, especially one of those pretend indie labels loopholed into being able to reissue vinyl versions of releases their major/parent company seemingly still has the rights to (you know who you are!) and screwing with history and the next generation’s idea of the original artifact.

So, the first ‘+’ represents the official b-sides from Glider and Tremolo.

The second ‘+’ represents “Angel” (proto “Off Your Face?”) and “Sugar” (orig. 1989, later the b-side to a French only single for “Only Shallow”). Both sounding post-Isn’t Anything, pre-Glider.

The third ‘+’ represents the two cover versions tacked on at the end – the last we heard from the band until this year.

All tracks taken from 2012 reissues except for the covers.

Politically correct? No.
Sacrilege? Maybe.
Fresh? You bet.

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