Thursday, May 8, 2008

The blossom filled streets

oystered 08: Like a daydream (jun ’06)

a1. thomas melchior & luciano solomon’s prayer (solomon’s prayer/father / cadenza)
a2. davidovitch cellophane (speicher 36/kompakt extra)
a3. dB tower of love (god’s will phone center/boogizm)
b1. anders ilar missing (ilar mix) (missing/plong!)
b2. gui boratto like you (supermayer mix) (like you/kompakt pop)
b3. phonophani farger rundt hvitt (phonophani/rune grammofon)
c1. scorch trio abakle (luggumt/rune grammofon)
c2. loren connors star of bethlehem pt. 1 (night through/family vineyard)
c3. loren connors home again (night through/family vineyard)
c4. loren connors stars (night through/family vineyard)
c5. loren connors the departing of a dream vol.4 (night through/family vineyard)
c6. loren connors star of bethlehem pt. 2 (night through/family vineyard)
c7. murcof ulysses (deathprod mix) (6-track/rune grammofon)
d1. anders ilar lakeside (organza/level records)
d2. marc leclair 236e jour (musique pour 3 femmes enceintes/mutek)

June 2006: A deep sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, my search for discovering great, new, “undiscovered” music will never end. But when owning a record store turns into a 24 hour, sleepless worry, it’s time to stop.
A much more manageable set this go round. Vinyl only tracks this time include “Solomon’s Prayer,” “Cellophane,” “Tower of Love,” "Missing (Ilar mix),” “Abakle” and “Lakeside.”
A little heavy on the Anders Ilar, who was hitting hard with dark, propulsive, bass-driving tracks left and right at this point. The five Loren Connors tracks are justified since they’re all pretty short and culled from a three disc anthology, Night Through, which came out only a few short months after his gorgeous Table of the Elements full-length, Sails. It’s stunning how he gets so much feeling out of such little playing, ringing every nuance out of each plucked or strummed note. You can even hear the air move in the room he records in. Subtle, subdued. Stunning.
Unfortunately dB (Daniel Bemberger), who released one full length and a slew of stunning vinyl only releases for labels such as Background and Karloff, and Marc Leclair (aka Akufen), two of my favorite click ’n’ cut ’n’ pasters, have been AWOL since June of ’06. Here’s hoping for some surprises in the near future.

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repeatclicks said...


Im enjoying the blog very much. Its a shame I didnt get to come into Neptune right before you guys shut down in 06, but i managed to get a copy of Betrieb double lp in April, right before I left for London for four months.

Cant believe its already been 2 years since Neptune closed! Crazy how time flies. Royal Oak is pretty boring to visit now, but Rob over at Vertu is stocking some good vinyl these days (hes buying out other peoples collections). He gives me a great deal too, knocking off a few bucks from whatever he is asking (and that aint much to start with). Other than that, I never really bother going to Royal Oak unless its to meet up with friends.

Well, Im finally getting married to the British girl I started dating back in 2004 and moving across the pond. We are hoping to get our Masters degrees in Germany so Ill be popping by Kompakt for sure, and may as well go across the street to Traum! Anyway, theres lots of record shops in London to visit, and I frequent them often.

Ill check back here for more posts.


-Adam Trunoske (Jesses Brother)